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TM Insulation is the Sea to Sky’s Premier Insulation Contractor in Whistler. We are dedicated to providing homeowners and builders with the best quality products and service. TM Insulation has a proven record of quality craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. We take care to respect our job sites and prioritize the safety of our crew and those around us.

Our main focus is Spray Foam Insulation as it offers many short-term and long-term benefits over other methods. We do also provide blown-in, fibreglass bat or Roxul insulation. This allows you to compare the benefits and costs of different insulation types and choose the one that is best suited for your needs and budget.

Working and living in Whistler and the Sea to Sky we value environmental responsibility. As a result, we chose Elastochem, a Canadian manufacturer and industry leader to provide our products. Elastochem is GREENGUARD certified. They conduct independent research and development to create the highest quality environmentally responsible products on the market. GREENGUARD certified products help your build reach Green Building, Leed and Passive House Standards. 

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What is spray foam?

Simply put, spray foam insulation is the best product available to insulate your home or building in Canada.

In today’s building market, energy conservation is of the upmost importance. By applying spray foam insulation to the building envelope as well as critical areas within the structure, you are able to increase overall building performance while keeping insulation depths to a minimum. This allows for flexibility in the design of the structure, lowers demand on the HVAC equipment and may even allow for downsizing of HVAC compared to other methods of insulating.

SavE Energy and Reduce Heating + Cooling Costs in Your Home

Spray Foam creates a continuous thermal barrier which eliminates weak spots that are caused when using other nominal dimension insulation materials. Thus resulting in a higher overall thermal resistance of the structure as a whole.

Air Infiltration can increase energy costs in buildings by 10 to 40%. Spray Foam offers the highest amount of protection from air infiltration which results in lower monthly utility bills as well as helps to protect those inside from outdoor allergens, pollutants and even noise that enter the building with air infiltration.

Thermal bridging lowers continuity of temperature throughout the structure, this is minimized when using spray foam due to its high R-Value per inch, and its ability to be placed in tight or hidden cavities.
Spray foam offers a much higher compressive strength than other materials that rely on air pockets to slow the transfer of heat. This added compressive strength improves structural integrity and stops common problems such as squeaky floors and wood shrinkage.

Other Insulation types may be compromised if exposed to moisture. In some cases, a 50% reduction in R-Value may occur and create larger problems. Since Spray Foam is a moisture retardant, small amounts of moisture will not affect its performance and it is not susceptible to mould.

Building Beyond the Standard. The BC Energy Step Code is the product of a multi-year collaboration among local governments, industry stakeholders, utilities and the provincial government. It sets performance targets for new construction and groups them into steps acording to how difficult they are to achieve. The aim is for buildings to be net zero ready by 2032 when it will become the minimun standard. Builders use energy software, modelling and on site testing to demonstrate that the design and constructed building meet the standard requirements. Using the best products available guves you more flexibility in how to acheivenew requirements.
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Environmentally Conscious

Each barrel of Insulthane foam contains over 3700 recycled PET plastic water bottles saving energy and waste.

Insulthane® Extreme is a next-generation spray foam insulation that provides improved thermal performance with a strong focus on environmental impact. Insulthane® Extreme has an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) of 1. This represents a 99.9% reduction in greenhouse gas compared to previous generations of spray foam. This means our next generation of foam offers a non-ozone depleting high-performance insulation that will stand the test of time. GREENGUARD certified products help your build reach Green Building, Leed and Passive House Standards.

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Health and safety

The products we use are free of all HFA’s HCFC’s, HFC’s and formaldehyde. After installation our products are chemically inert and contain no health risks.

Our Whistler insulation installers are fully certified by Urethane Foam Consultants and comply with CAN/ULC-S705.2-05 as required by the National Building Code. We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service and installation procedures.